Monday, January 15, 2007

Module 3

I've been doing the exercises over the past few weeks, and decided to combine some thoughts on them in here.

Module 3's main focus seems to be about electronic writing. - That is the communication of written and other visual information via the use of an electronic device. Particuarly here, we are talking about computers and - web pages.

Importantly the definition between linear and non-linear documents were made, and descriptions of page elements such as hyperlinks were given. - Web pages (can) "free reader from the tyranny of the linear document" (WebCT-Net11-Mod3) - using hyperlinks etc... to give you the specific information you want - without reading entire documents.

Also notes were made about blogs, but considering this itself is one, I'm not sure theres that much to say on the matter.

Then basic HTML was taught - I know most of this already so it was just a refresher, but helped nonetheless.

After that components of FTP were revised and blogs were covered again in brief.