Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Module 2 - Reflections

Module 2:

Yes, I have been a little slack on updating this learning log - I must do it more often. I have been reading and keeping up to date with the course content, but I haven't really been reflecting on the material in a written form. I think that it will be more beneficial if I was to do this more often.

And now, on to the content. :-)

When I first saw module 2's readings I was a little annoyed. - I thought for a moment (rather ignorantly) that this was all going to be stuff I already knew, and would be boring and easily skimmable. - Not quite so! - In fact, I did learn quite a bit from the reading - particuarly with regards to attachment encoding. I was aware of MIME as a concept but never really understood what it was - now I think I do - which means *yay* I learned something! :D

The parts on style and management were already familiar to me, but the reading was good revision.

- In the next few days I hope to have the reading for module 2.2 fully complete, and then next week I can do that modules activities.

And I also need to make this blog look a bit more presentable : /

~Bye for now,

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